Our Services

We sharpen your Knives on your convenience

Sharp at your place

You have no time to lose and want your Knives sharpened ASAP? Our on-site sharpening service is our offer to get your Knives sharper then ever before. We appreciate your business and don't want you to lose any time. Send us an E-Mail to get a quote today.

Image by Savernake Knives
Image by Manki Kim

Sharp in our Workshop

If you can afford to be without your most important tools in the kitchen, feel free to send us your Knives. We take care of them and ship them ASAP back to you. Take care, they coming sharp! Send us an E-Mail to get a quote today.


Personalized cutting boards

Check out our personalized engraved Acacia Hardwood cutting boards. Get in touch with us to get your own personalized design on the board.