Image by Takafumi Yamashita

We sharpen your knives

The German on-site knife sharpening service

Since 2010 we offer the best sharpening service for your knives. Direct at your site we sharpen all unique varieties of knives. Nobody likes to be without the most important tool in their kitchen.
So, on short notice, we get right to the job and leave nothing than the best behind. 

Image by Danilo Rios

Who we are:

Born and raised near Solingen (Knife Capital of Germany), my passion for sharp knives came through my Dad. He had an easy to use blade sharpening tool which he used literally each weekend to keep his knives sharp. I borrowed his tool as a teenager to offer a sharpening service to our neighbors. As I recently re-located to the United States, I though it was a good idea to bring the best German sharpening service right to Ohio.